Tokyo Olympics torch relay has first corona positive case

Tokyo Olympics coordinators said Thursday that a cop tried positive for COVID-19 every day after his task a week ago at the Olympic light hand-off.

It is the main positive test associated with the transfer since it started March 25 from northeastern Fukushima prefecture.

Coordinators say the 30-year-old police officer was allocated to control traffic on the April 17 leg in southwestern Kagawa prefecture. They said the official created side effects and tried positive the following day. Neighborhood wellbeing specialists are examining.

Authorities say the police officer was wearing a cover and playing it safe and different measures.

The report comes as Japan is getting ready to announce the third highly sensitive situation in western metropolitan zones around Osaka, and in Tokyo. It is normal on Friday and is being reinstated after current measures neglected to moderate the most recent resurgence filled by another, more infectious variation of the infection distinguished before in Britain.

Japan had 541,496 cases and 9,710 passings as of Tuesday. These outcomes are acceptable by worldwide standard yet poor in Asia. Without necessary lockdowns, individuals in Japan have gotten less helpful with preventive measures.

The coordinators said all members and authorities are avoiding potential risk and that the case won't influence the resulting legs of the light occasions.

The light hand-off includes 10,000 sprinters confusing Japan for four-month, finishing at the landing in the National Stadium on July 23 to commence the booked opening function.

For insurances, legs a week ago were run in a city park in Osaka and removed the public roads. Something comparative is normal for certain legs on May 1-2 on the southern island of Okinawa.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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