The Olympic minister said Japanese athletes would not be vaccinated with Chinese vaccines.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has agreed to supply vaccines to "participants" at the postponed Tokyo Games and next year's Beijing Winter Games - Japan will not participate in China's offer.

Olympic Minister Tamyo Marukawa said on Friday that Japan had not been consulted by the IOC on Chinese vaccines, which would not be taken by Japanese athletes. He said the vaccine was not approved for use in Japan.

“We have been taking comprehensive anti-infectious disease measures for the Tokyo Games in order to allow participation without vaccinations,” Marukawa said. “There is no change to our principle of not making vaccinations a prerequisite.”

IOC President Thomas Bach declare on Thursday that the shocking deal came at a time when China is facing international pressure over the internal occupation of at least one million Muslim viewers, which many governments and human rights groups have called "genocide." Is labeled .

The IOC initially said it might not require athletes to urge vaccines, but only encourage it. The affect China puts more emphasis on getting vaccines to young, healthy athletes.

The IOC has said it'll buy the vaccines but gave no indication of the value or quantity.

Distribution of China's vaccine are going to be through international agencies or existing vaccine agreements countries have with China, Bach said.

"A significant number of Olympic teams have already been vaccinated," Bach said Thursday. He didn't took name the any country.

“The IOC will make every effort to have as many participants in the Olympics and Paralympic Games arriving already vaccinated in Japan this summer," Bach said.

Tokyo organizing committee president Seiko Hashimoto, during a press conference on Friday, said people coming to Japan with vaccinations might help reassure a skeptical public.

About 80% of Japanese in recent polls say the Olympics should be postponed or canceled, and almost as many don't want fans from abroad.

Hashimoto said again that the choice on fans from overseas are going to be made before the torch relay begins on Annunciation . Numerous reports in Japan say the choice has already been made to ban foreign visitors.

She also said a choice on venue capacity are going to be made in April. “The sooner the higher ,” she said. “At an earlier stage it's better to present the direction. We’ve been receiving requests to form the choice sooner.

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