Some medical experts say it's not safe to host the Tokyo Games

Organizers say they are reducing the risks, but some medical experts are not convinced because the Tokyo Olympics opened in less than four months, and the torch relay is set to hit Japan with 10,000 runners.

An infectious diseases specialist Dr. Norio Sugaya in Yokohama at Keiyu Hospital told The Associated Press. "The risks are high in Japan. Japan is dangerous and not a safe place at all." And "It is best to not hold the Olympics given the considerable risks,"

Sugaya believes that vaccinating 50-70% of the general population should be a "condition" for the Olympics to be held safely, a scenario that would be very likely in Japan, despite the slow pace of vaccination.

All are medical professionals, so far less than 1% of the population has been vaccinated, and very few people are expected to be vaccinated until the Olympics open on July 23.

"In a short time, thousands of foreigners, including the mass media, are going to enter the country," Sugaya said. The challenges are even greater.”

There is no vaccination requirement for the Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee is encouraging the Japanese government and local Olympic administrators to vaccinate 15,400 Olympic and Paralympic athletes upon their entry into Japan.

The death toll from Kovid-19 in Japan is about 9,000, much lower than in many other countries, but Sugaya insisted it was the highest in Asia.

Japan has never insisted on PCR testing, meaning there are few mechanisms in place to prevent infection groups. There is no national lockout, but the government has from time to time issued a "state of emergency."

In addition, the organizers said that all foreign ticket holders would be barred from entering.

Public opinion polls show that most Japanese advise canceling or postponing the Tokyo Games.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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