Overseas ticket holders for Tokyo Olympics 2021 may receive only partial refunds

Foreign fans who purchase tickets for the Tokyo Olympics, known as resellers of government tickets, will not receive full refunds from brokers. And they can only wait to get a refund.

The question of refunds came up a week ago when local administrators and the Japanese government decided to stop foreign fans due to the epidemic.

Dozens of authorized ticket resellers are here, usually appointed by the National Olympic Committees, which are allowed to charge a 20% handling fee on tickets. For example, for tickets priced at $ 2,000, the reseller may charge 2,400.

CoSport said in a letter to ATR of the United States and ticket holders from other territories and countries over the weekend that the handling fee would not be refunded. It said the ticket price and shipping fee would be also refunded.

Robert F. Long, th president of CoSport, The letter signed by him, said: "CoSport and other Olympic organizations have urged the Japanese government and management to reimburse all expenses incurred by the international audience." Tokyo management says it will refund the face value of the tickets, but they are not responsible for any additional costs. They say they will not cover the additional fees imposed by the ATR or the cancellation fees of hotels or flights.

New Jersey-based CoSport added that it will not receive a refund from administrators until "the third quarter of this year" and refund payments will not begin until then.

It set an April 9 deadline for buyers to apply for refunds almost immediately and to submit the required documents.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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