Japan to host Tokyo Olympics without foreign spectators.

The Japanese government has decided to prohibit overseas spectators from attending this summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, as a part of efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, officials with knowledge of the matter said Tuesday. The government and the Japanese organizing committee of the Summer Games are look forward to hold a remote meeting with the International Olympic Committee and two other bodies possibly next week to make a formal decision on the difficulty of overseas visitors.

The government has concluded that welcoming fans from abroad isn't possible given concerns among the japanese public over the coronavirus and therefore the incontrovertible fact that more contagious variants are detected in many countries, consistent with the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Japan continues to halt new entries of foreign nationals in theory because it is taking longer than initially expected for the govt to stem the amount of infections since early January, when it peaked at quite 2,500 cases per day in Tokyo.

With the choice , the govt also will need to review its growth strategy, as long as expectations for inbound visitors to revive the Japanese economy were high, especially before the games were delayed for one year thanks to the outbreak of the virus.

On March 3, the representatives of the five organizing bodies, which also include the International Paralympic Committee and the Tokyo metropolitan government, agreed to make a decision on foreigner spectators by the end of this month.

They will then make a call in April on the amount of spectators to be allowed into venues supported Japanese restrictions on attendance at large events.

The organizing committee was expecting to form 90 billion yen from ticket sales but While the one-year postponement of the games has caused the value to balloon to a minimum of 1.64 trillion yen ($15 billion)

The committee now must proceed with refunding foreign ticket holders and it's expected to separately consider what to try to to with foreign spectators to be invited by corporate sponsors of the games.

It has not publicly disclosed the entire number of tickets to be sold, but some officials have said it had been likely to be over 9 million before the games were rescheduled one year ago.

While about 1 million overseas spectators were estimated to enter Japan, some 4.45 million tickets have already been sold within the country, of which about 810,000 requests for refund are made thus far .

In December, a government-led panel tasked with arising with COVID-19 measures for the Olympics said in an interim report that overseas spectators could use conveyance and be exempt from a 14-day quarantine requirement if they were from countries with relatively few virus cases.

However, the Japanese organizers studied several options in parallel, like holding the games behind closed doors and render them with a limited number of spectators just from Japan.

"We would adore people from round the world to return to a full stadium, but unless we are prepared to simply accept them and therefore the medical situation in Japan is ideal , it'll cause an excellent deal of trouble also to visitors from overseas," Seiko Hashimoto, told reporters last week.

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