Information about Torch relay of Tokyo Olympic 2020

The Olympic Torch Relay is usually just a sideshow featuring the proposal, construction, rehearsal.

All eyes will be on the Torch Relay as it begins Thursday in northeastern Japan, heading to the opening ceremony of the postponed Tokyo Olympics on July 23: 10,000 runners from 47 prefectures in Japan are expected to arrive in 121 days.

The relay might be the "canary in the coalmine" for attempting to carry the Olympics in four months despite the pandemic. Social engagement distancing, wearing masks, and limited people that are prohibited from loud cheering are going to be the order when the relay starts from Fukushima prefecture.

If for some reason such as relay problems occur, Covid-19 cases are opened and delays occur, it may signal a red flag about the possibility of hosting the Olympics.

This is being taken seriously because Toshiro Mato is responsible for the relay, who is CEO of the organizing committee and former deputy governor of the Bank of Japan, not the head of the secondary department.

The Olympic relay was initially postponed a year ago due to the effects of the coronavirus epidemic. And after the modern Olympics began in 1896, this was the first postponement.

The slogan for the relay is "Path of Hope Lights." The idea is that there is going to be excitement and enlightenment at the end of the Olympics tunnel, with Japan and the IOC. The sky will return to the light of the world. This is an event that the organizers and the International Olympic Committee hope will help change public opinion in Japan in favor of the Olympics.

Most of the sentiments expressed so far in the elections in Japan are negative and about 80% of people suggest further delays or cancellations.

"We are fully aware that people around the Tokyo Olympics are still worried," Muto said Wednesday. "People should be motivated because there are so many sports events in Japan with arriving fans," he said.

A study by the University of Oxford says it is the most expensive Olympics on record. There is also opposition happening to the rising cost of the Olympic Games, now officially set at $ 15.4 billion and Many audits suggest that this is twice as much. Both Relay and the Olympics fear they could spread the virus.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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