End of Tokyo Olympics street for Kidambi Srikanth !!

Kidambi Srikanth had been playing the absolute most luscious badminton in seemingly forever in 2021. Pity that players are estimated on highly contrasting boundaries like winning matches (where his pathetic excursions proceeded till March and he dallied at No. 20 in the Race to Tokyo outlines) and aren't decided on how captivating their matches end up.

The Badminton World Federation explanation on Friday proclaiming the capability race shut, completed Srikanth's expectations of meeting all requirements for the Tokyo Olympics.

While Saina Nehwal's remaining parts the most frustrating of non-capability in badminton, and Ashwini Ponnappa-Sikki Reddy had the remotest of possibilities, it will be Srikanth's nonattendance at Tokyo that will battle to be defended by the player's present structure.

Those at the public camp in Hyderabad authenticate Srikanth preparing with a spring in his progression and a lot of energy in the course of the most recent couple of months and looking sharp. However, even the 28-year-old will concur that he left it past the point of no return, as the abrogations of large point competitions in India, Malaysia, and Singapore heaped on.

As things stand, the BWF has no positioning removed (like Top 100) for the Olympics, which implies capability reaches out to Emre Lale from Turkey, 94th in the Race to Tokyo list. Also, given the Olympics is about inescapable investment, even in case of pull-outs, those called up will probably guarantee that more nations ought to send at any rate one shuttler in the men's singles occasion. While a title that succeeds at Singapore could've helped Srikanth to inside 1000 places of the Top 16 in the capability cycle, the previous World No. 1 will lament the botched opportunities and helpless decisions in the course of the last couple of seasons.


Moderate beginnings are regularly Srikanth, and his comfortable speed in gathering speed in seven days hauled him back when about six occasions got dropped. Yet, in the 70 matches he's played since 2019, 26 went to three games, as Srikanth just couldn't complete speedy enough to either outlive his adversary or protect energy for the following day's go head to head.

Consuming energy unnecessarily, he didn't show sufficient strength and perseverance to weave five straight strong long stretches of taking care of business.

Of his 30 misfortunes since 2019, things got tight – arriving at 19-19 or the extra-focuses situation in 12 (in excess of 33%) of those losses, as shot determination turned out badly. The mental backbone in these circumstances comes from the natural conviction that there's gas in the tank genuinely to battle it out, and Srikanth wasn't exactly backing himself as he neglected to finish off many a match.

The Hong Kong Open in November 2019 is a genuine model. Getting walkovers from Kento Momota and in this way Chen Long in the quarters, Srikanth set aside a long effort to hit the score and lost 21-9, 25-23 to nearby Lee Cheuk Yiu. The Hong Kong youngster couldn't really accept that his karma when Srikanth wrested energy from him as the second progressed, hit a purple fix mid-match, and afterward broke down from the game point in a 5-minute emergency.

At the World Tour Finals – not a piece of capability – Srikanth would hit the great pinnacles of on-court development and development of focuses, however, figure out how to lose against Anders Antonsen (21-18), Tzu Wei Wang (21-19), and Ng Ka Long Angus (21-19) in the third. The distinction this time, and what alluded to all the more likely structure, was that he would dominate the initial matches serenely. His certainty shot, the net charge – a raving success followed up by a smart net slaughter – was back as well. Be that as it may, it would disappear when attempting to bolt the match. It'll be oversimplified to consider it a psychological freeze since his certainty has been suspect, yet this was a straight actual wobble as was clear in the desperate design where the last focuses worked out.


Srikanth's brilliant season was 2017 when he won four titles, arriving at five finals. It was the year when he landed crunchy sponsorship contracts – a ton of commotion, however very little worth expansion to his game. The titles had returned on the of some severe functional preparation ordered by Indonesian Mulyo Handoyo, which assisted him with acing the large focuses in finals.

Additionally, 2017 was likewise the season just after the Olympics. They consider it the lightweight year on the circuit: Olympic hero Chen Long was sleepwalking through his matches, Viktor Axelsen was all the while hitting the high notes and topping at majors, Kento Momota was in a betting boycott, and Anthony Ginting and Antonsen were yet to arise. Like a poacher at the objective mouth, Srikanth jumped on that season and constructed an imposing arrangement of Tour wins.

The World No. 1 position would follow. As would his egotistical faith in his enchanting stay at the top. A physical issue at the Guwahati Nationals 2017 would plant a question in his psyche, and however he made the India Open finals in mid-2019, his uber-alert on the court which made him a large portion of the player he was, short his enormous thrust and hazardous net assault, saw him bothered in a flood of helpless outcomes.

His last misfortune this year came against impending Toma Popov Junior at Orleans, however, he's liberally spread cheer, losing to each upstart coming up the positions – consecutive successes for Indonesian Shesar Hiren Rhustavito, a three-gamer to Irishman Nguyen Nhat at All England (non-qualification occasion) and at the Asian group occasion to Thai teenager Kunlavut Vitidsarn. He's not looked a piece of the top-level when going down to Axelsen at the Swiss Open even before he arrived at Momota. Losing mysteriously in a grasp of competitions that he should have won in view of light draws, and drooping against the big deal puts a central issue blemish on his inspiration since arriving at World No. 1 and the 2017 season. Indeed, even the ability dribbling Taufik Hidayat awakened himself discontinuously and put in the fanatical hard yards, with mentor Mulyo just adding the final details.


Missing the Olympics in a pandemic year can be rationalized with the world in transition and every one of the undoings. Srikanth's issues are unmistakable. For a previous World No. 1 and ostensibly India's ideal, he is yet to decoration at the Worlds or even the Asiad. Not so much as an Asian Championship. Five visit titles don't a top vocation make.

He has lost to Son Wan Ho, Daren Liew, and Thai Kantaphon Wangcharoen on three changed-paced courts at three releases of the Worlds before the quarter's stage. The capacity to top at a big deal characterizes incredible players, and Srikanth has ended up being sensitive to the huge stage. He lost a bold quarterfinal to Lin Dan at the Rio Games and afterward vanished from preparing for a month, nursing his sorrow.

Unequipped for disliking his companions or begrudging their prosperity, Srikanth has tranquility watched Sai Praneeth jump ahead – get a Worlds bronze decoration, and fit the bill for the Olympics. Excessively tranquility too till he mixed toward the beginning of this current year and quickly, frantically needed to play in spite of the separation rules in Thailand.

Yet, five first-round routs, two quarters, and one elimination round in the last stretch of capability were never going to be sufficient.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

biden President
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