The Tokyo Olympics should not be held amid coronavirus pandemic

Hiroshi Hoketsu, 79, may be a Japanese three-time Olympic equestrian. He made his Olympic debut at the 1964 Tokyo Games and became the oldest Japanese Olympian when he participated within the 2012 London Games at age 71.

In a written interview with Kyodo News, Hoketsu, also a former president of the japanese branch of the U.S.-based medical products company, questioned holding the postponed Tokyo Olympics next summer amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

I was in Portugal on March 24 when the choice was made to postpone the Tokyo Olympics. While, just like the remainder of the planet , i used to be concerned over the effect COVID-19 would wear infected populations and therefore the world economy, i used to be pleased to tend some overtime to specialise in my training in Portugal, a rustic that boasts nice weather and an excellent environment for horseback riding.

People get demotivated from improving once they realize that there's no more room for growth — this is often true for both sports and work.

Luckily, dressage may be a sport where age doesn't have an enormous impact, and that I feel that I'm still evolving as a rider, and my horse is additionally improving.

Therefore, if the Olympics were to be held next year, I decide to provide it another shot.

On the opposite hand, how realistic is it to carry the Olympics next year?

As is widely known, the coronavirus outbreak won't be fully contained on its own. As World Health Organization Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus said, it's entirely possible that a “silver bullet” might not be developed in time.

Furthermore, a study in Sweden showed that only 10 percent of these infected with the virus were ready to develop enough antibodies to accumulate immunity.

A British expert on vaccine studies also presented a viewpoint that the vaccines currently within the development stage would only likely give people immunity for about one year, or would only be enough to alleviate the symptoms of the coronavirus.

All of this suggests that it's unlikely that folks can develop coronavirus antibodies that might last for a big period of your time , albeit they were to be vaccinated.

Currently, many companies are within the process of developing vaccines.

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