Unauthorised sale of Tokyo 2020 tickets is prohibited

Resale of Tokyo 2020 tickets through unauthorised channels, including auction websites, is forbidden (except the Tokyo 2020 Ticket Resale Service, which will be available from Spring 2020).

Please note that all tickets sold or offered through unauthorised channels, such as auction websites, will be void and those with such tickets will not be allowed to enter the venues.

The following is a list of services in which the operating company strictly prohibits users from posting Tokyo 2020 tickets for resale on their service.

Number of services may increase in the future.

(in alphabetical order)

Flea markets/auction Services

Mercari (Mercari, Inc.)

Rakuma (Rakuten, Inc.)

Yahoo! Auctions (Yahoo Japan Corporation)

Ticket resale services

Ticketjam (Ticketjam Inc.)

Ticket Ryutsu Center (Wavedash Co., Ltd.)

Ticket Street (TicketStreet, Inc.)

Be aware of fraudulent websites and activities

There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites (such as phishing sites) accessed by clicking on links in fraudulent emails, social media accounts and banner ads. We recommend that you purchase tickets via the link on the Tokyo 2020 Official Website and/or add the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website to your bookmarks/favourites.

For your ticket lottery results, please visit your My Ticket page from the official ticketing website.

Unauthorised use of the TOKYO 2020 ID is prohibitedM.

Please note that applicants cannot obtain multiple IDs to take part in the ticket lottery. Allowing a third party to use your TOKYO 2020 ID or lending, transferring, selling, pledging etc. of rights associated with the ID are also prohibited by the Tokyo 2020 Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase and Use. If such actions are discovered, the application will be withdrawn from the ticket lottery, and any tickets already purchased will be cancelled. In addition, the applicant may also be denied access to all related services.

Purchase tickets from official ticket sales channels

When purchasing Tokyo 2020 tickets, use the official ticket sales channels.

To avoid involvement in any criminal activities, you are strongly advised not to purchase tickets from any source other than official ticket sales channels (i.e. Official Ticket Website, Official Ticket Box Offices or Authorised Ticket Reseller). It is possible that tickets sold on unofficial channels such as auction websites may be invalid or counterfeit tickets. The Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Use of Tokyo 2020 Tickets specifies that entry to venues will be denied to individuals in possession of a ticket purchased from unofficial channels. Please take the utmost caution to ensure that you do not fall victim to illegal ticket reselling, acts of fraud, etc.

*Authorised Ticket Resellers specified by The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games may also sell tickets for the Games.

The unauthorised sale of tickets is prohibited

Please note that applicants cannot obtain multiple IDs to take part in the ticket lottery multiple times. If such actions are discovered, the applicant will be withdrawn from the application process and the ticket lottery, and all tickets already purchased will be invalidated. In addition, the applicant will be disqualified from using related services.

Invalid and counterfeit tickets

Invalid and/or counterfeit tickets may be put on sale on auction websites and other unofficial channels. Individuals attempting to enter the Games competition venues with a ticket purchased from unofficial sales channels will be denied entry. You are strongly advised to ensure that you do not fall victim to ticket fraud.

Registration of individuals attending competitions and identification procedure

Tickets purchased must be registered in the name of the individual expected to attend the competitions in advance. If there are any changes to the registered ticket user, please be sure to update the information from the “My Ticket” page on the Official Ticket Website.

The name of the individual registered to use the ticket will be printed on the ticket.

Identification may be asked at the venue. All ticket holders are therefore requested to bring an appropriate document that verifies the identity of the ticket holder entering the venue.

For the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, all group members will be required to enter the venue together for identification purposes.

Official Ticket Resale Service

This service will be available from spring 2020. Reselling of tickets must be conducted via the Official Ticket Website. Please ensure you do not purchase tickets from any other source than the Official Ticket Sales Channel. The price of tickets resold via the Official Ticket Resale Service will be at the original price. When resale is successfully concluded, the individual reselling the ticket will be required to pay a handling charge. Further details regarding the Official Resale Service will be posted on this website as soon as they are available.