Olympics 2021: Japan may ask foreign athletes for activity plans as part of COVID-19 countermeasures

Due to the delayed Olympic Games next year Japan is considering international athletes for his or her participation and plans laying out their base camp locations, training sites and host towns as a neighborhood of COVID-19 countermeasures, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Amidst athletes wouldn't be required to undergo a two-week quarantine period, they’ll just got to take novel coronavirus upon arrival, the Yomiuri said citing an executing an idea from the govt and organising committee sources


Japan will ask the International Olympic Committee about having foreign athletes limit their movement within the country to places like towns hosting national delegations and training sites, the newspaper reported.

The media has requested comment from Tokyo 2020 organisers, who are scheduled to share with the media alongside working-level officials afterward Wednesday.

The new coronavirus has infected quite 31.3 million people and killed about 964,000 around the world.

Japan has escaped from the explosive corona outbreak that's seen in countries just like the US , India and Brazil, with roughly 80,000 infections and about 1,500 known deaths thus far.

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