The Olympic torch for the Olympic Games Japan 2021 incorporates several elements of Japanese culture, and reinforces Japan 2021’s Olympic Torch Relay concept: “Hope lights our way”.

The concept is designed to bring the Japanese people together around messages of support, acceptance and encouragement of one another, while also reflecting the Olympic flame’s ability to promote peace and hope to the world.

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The concept for the Japan 2021 Olympic Torch Relay across Japan will be "Hope Lights Our Way", uniting the Japanese people around messages about supporting, accepting and encouraging one another. The Olympic flame is often associated with a message of peace and hope, as it is carried around the host nation, and as such has become one of the most powerful symbols of the Olympic Movement. In 2020, the Olympic flame will not only symbolise the sunrise of a new era spreading the hope that will light our way, but will also serve to spread the joy and passion of the Japanese around the Olympic Movement as the Games approach. Upon its arrival in Japan, the Olympic flame will initially be put on display at various locations in the Tohoku region, to help underscore this message of hope in the areas affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

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Japan 2021 Olympic Torch Relay concept

Holy Lights Our Way